Digital Signage Made Simple

Plug and Play and control your screen within 60 seconds.

Creating branding awareness for business owner to grow with our SMART TV Technology.

Riglobe is evolving the way the world connects.

By seamlessly connecting smartphones users with internet access throughout the whole of Asia with our WIFI Engagement Analytics Platform for businesses since 2015 with more than 35,000 customers in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

In 2018, Riglobe is formed to serve advertisers around the world with direct outreach engagement with great results. We help business owner to grow with our digital technology.

Now with the Riglobe TV, business owner can get more engagement from their customer. Business owner can user our Digital TV to show interactive menu, show promotion, or video animation.

We believe in investment (in quality, not quantity), to provide our well-trained, cross-functional media-conversant team with tools to measure audiences and systems to generate environmental data that benefit our partner using our in-house development cloud technology with the instant publishing of content.